Music Together® Philosphy

  • The basic Music Together philosophy is the belief that all children are musical and can achieve basic music competence, which is simply singing in tune, and keeping an accurate beat.  Music aptitude is not solely based on talent but on early exposure to music experiences in the first few years of life. Children may achieve basic music competence after this crucial time but the process will be much more arduous and lengthy.

  • Music Together is unique because parent education is our primary focus. Your child is inspired by your participation regardless of your musical ability; therefore Music Together puts a priority on teaching YOU how to continue educating at home.  Each semester we provide parent education moments during class, a parent education evening, as well as a parent guide and DVD to better equip you.

 We hope that you will begin a musical journey with your child and experience the richness that music can bring to your home and lives.  We would love to help facilitate this crucial time in your child's life and help you maximize your child's music development to the fullest. 

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